Nowadays, more and more people are having problems in their sexual life because of their impotence. Most of the time, people are shy enough to contact a doctor and they try some impotence drugs. One such drug is Cialis, which has proved to be a successful impotence drug. However, never take any impotence drug on your own.

Drug usage

Impotence is related to blood flow. The penis gets good erection if there is a good blood flow in the penis. Cialis is a drug that relaxes the penis muscles. Once the penis gets elongated, more blood rushes to the region. Cialis is known to act fast in the body. You should have to take the cialis drug before having sex with your partner. Once you have a pill of cialis, you can have enjoyment for the next 36 hours.

How taken

Drug Cialis can be taken after meals or before meals. Make sure that the drug is taken about 30 minutes before going to the bedroom.

Missed dose/overdose

There is no way that a dose of Cialis is missed. When taking Cialis, you should have to stick on to the prescription. You should never think that an extra pill will give you more pleasure; it will only lead to many complications. In case you have chest pain, nausea, vomiting and irregular heartbeat, you should never delay in contacting the physician as these could be the symptoms of overdose.

More Information

There is a tendency for people to take the impotence drugs without consulting the doctor. This is not a good tendency as all impotence drugs come with many side effects. Moreover, certain people are advised not to take impotence drugs like cialis.

When consulting the doctor, he should get an idea on all your health conditions. Never hide from the doctor if you have problems of the kidney, heart, blood or liver. Generally Cialis will not be prescribed if you have problems such as high pressure, liver problems and kidney issues. Your physician should also know about all your allergies.


The doctors do not advice Cialis if you use any medication containing Nitartes as taking the two together can lead to a sudden fall in the pressure. This sudden fall in the pressure is dangerous as it could be even fatal. Grape fruit, grape juice and alcohol should be avoided while using Cialis.

Side effects

Like all erectile dysfunction drugs, Cialis also gives some side effects. Hives, swelling (lips, throat, mouth) and breathing problems are some of the allergic reactions seen with Cialis.

Feeling ill, headache, sweating, irregular heart beat, pain spreading to arms/shoulders, sudden vision loss, chest pain, ringing in ears, nausea, sudden hearing loss, stomach pain, diarrhoea, warmth, stuffy nose, and seizures are some symptoms that persons using cialis can experience. In case you feel any of the above, do not delay in contacting your doctor. If you delay, then the risk increases.

If you feel any uneasiness while engaging in sexual activity after taking Cialis, then do not delay in consulting the doctor.